Improving the skin we have

Improving the Skin we have.
I am a mom of 3.Skin care has always been important to me.
I have known how important it is to take care of your skin in your 20's 30's and now 40's.I have known about exfoliating and know it should be done at least once a week with a at home Microderm Abrasion Set. That is why I got into teaching ladies about skin care in the first place.
I am 40 but people always place me somewhere in my late 20's because of my youthful look. I blame it on the Microderm Abrasion that I have done for 15 + years.So now I ask you to click on the link that says Jill's skin and spa products and check out my web page.Look into getting the Microderm Abrasion Set. It is so worth it and you will notice a difference in your skin within a few weeks. The set includes the buffer brush and the facial buffing cream.


Kitblogger 443 said...

Great pictures of your kids.
You look great for 40...

Anonymous said...

Ok bought it. I will let you know how how Micro derm works for me.. thanks

Kitblogger 443

Anonymous said...

I used my Micro derm only twice and notice a glow that my skin did not have before. I have had friends ask me what I did and told them I used a Microderm Abrasion kit. I refered them to your web page.

Thank you.
Kitblogger 443

Anonymous said...

I love the Microderm Abrasion. I bought one from you last summer at a spa you had at my home and my skin looks and feels so much better.
Very Satisfied.

Paula Moor

Anonymous said...

I bought your Microderm Abrasion kit at a spa you did at my home a few months back. I love it. Just wanted to plug that in before I go on to say I really enjoyed your blog and I can see how hard you have worked. I love the skin talk and talk on taking care of myself. Your dancing pictures are very cute.
enjoyed everyting very much.
Chelsey Baster

Anonymous said...

I love the microderm abrasion set I bought from you just over a month ago. My brown spots on my face are fading and my skin is ver soft.
You recomended a great product.

Thank you. Lynne