I did the body for life program after my first two kids were born. It took awhile, but I really did get weight off and I was well worth the effort.
After my third child was born I had an extra 46 pounds on me. That summer I also found out that the gestational diabetes that they told me was gone after I had the baby was never gone at all . I found that indeed I am one of the 2% of woman that the diabetes follows. My Dr. Told me I needed to get back to the basics eating right watching carbs and working out. It became a very important part of my life. I now have drooped 42 pounds and he would like me to get a total of 17 more off. I am no longer on medication and my diabetes is only controlled by my diet.
since I have lost the weight I feel so much healthier and have more energy to keep up with my kids. I have always looked at weight loss like a journey. It's a personal journey where I find the strength inside to make big changes. As those changes are made I come to know who I am better and become happier with myself.

Here are my picks of Tips that can aid in loosing weight.

1. Diet for the season
'Get up earlier in summer and later in winter, in line with natural sunlight hours. Don't eat late at night or before you are fully awake.' This can case weight gain and you will have a harder time keeping off the weights once it's off.
2. Stay hydrated at the gym

Your gym may have drinking fountains but they won't help you keep an eye on how much you drink. Make sure you take a bottle of water with you to the gym and keep it to hand whenever you are in class or on a machine.'
3. Shake things up
'Though there's not much scientific proof that it works, some dieters find that changing some of their meal plan selections from week to week seems to help break through a plateau. Simple changes like switching some of those chicken portions for fish or having a egg salad instead of an chicken salad at lunch could make a difference for you. Not to mention ensuring your taste buds stay interested.'
4. Reward yourself with a massage
'Cool-downs are your first line of defence against lactic acid build up and muscle soreness, but you don't have to fight this on your own. Massage is a great way to help your metabolism recover from the effort and trauma of your gym sessions. A good massage can also help reinforce the sense of reward.'
5. Accept who you are
'The key to getting over your idea of a perfect body is to accept what you have been given. If you hate your body, it won't work with you. If you accept your body - and even learn to like it - you can achieve peace with your food.'
6. Stay off the scales This is the biggest one for me and one I share with everyone I know who is trying to loose weight.
'Don't assume that the scale is always a true measure of what is going on with the body. If exercise levels are adequate (5-7 days a week), you may be putting on muscle but losing fat, there for losing inches even if you are not losing pounds. weighting your self many times a day only tells your mind you can't do it. So ditch the scale and only weigh once a week at your Dr. office or if you belong to a weight loss club.


Anonymous said...

I have had a tough time with the weight loss thing.
Maybe I will give the body for life a try. Sounds like you have had success with it.

Katie Wagner

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I needed to hear this on this day.

Thank you

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Great blogs! I am a true believer of taking care of your skin. My mom had skin cancer when I was very young.


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I enjoyed your blog.

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