Thank you!!!!!

My cool walking cast. Only I don't do much walking. he!he!

I have been getting lot's of phone calls wondering about my most recent appt to the DR. I thought I would update through my blog and let everyone know what's going on.
First, I want to thank everyone who has added a comment to my post, sweet thoughtful e-mails and endless calls to see how I am doing. Also flowers,plants,gifts,dinners,books, yummy treats,,house cleaning, laundry, help with taking Bryson for a play day, Taking my kids for play days and to the Zoo over spring break, card's in the mail, and a ton of visits from friends. I am grateful I am so lucky to have so many people in my life that care.
It's been a long tough road.
I fell on Jan 29th it's now April 11th. I had surgery and originally prior to surgery the Dr. said he would be putting a plate on my Fibula where I broke in two places which he did. He also said he would be putting screw's in my tibia because it was such a bad brake. As he says "you broke almost to the core of your bone". Amazingly enough when he put the plate on the fibula the tibia bone aligned and there for I did not need any hardware on the tibia. Ok this is all good because I only have one piece of hardware in me and only one scare. The downside is I am still healing and the tibia bone is one of the hardest bones in the body to heal. It takes along time . I am just today for the first time able to start putting 40% of my body weight with my crutches on my leg. 3 x a day up to 15 min at a time. I was so bummed when I saw my Dr. yesterday and he said I'm sorry I can't give you
better news but I will see you back on May 2oth.
Total Bummer. Are you kidding me? I was waiting to hear him say you can start physical therapy, you can start waking and graduate from crutches, wheelchair and being off of your leg. In other words you get your life back. Well, I did not hear what I wanted, but I did start therapy today because of all the other pains, neck,hip and shoulder pain due to the prolonged time I have been on crutches. I have the type of Ins that The Dr does not need to write a RX to have therapy so it was refreshing going to the physical therapy office today and get started on my road to recovery. It looks like I will be in
my walking cast on my cruise this June 6th.
Now that is a bummer, But it's a cruise and much needed cruise and even if in a walking cast hopefully by than I will be closer to getting off crutches and more able to be walking on my walking cast. One other bummer is that it is my right foot so I still wont be able to drive until we get back from the cruise. It's hard having to get rides to Physical therapy and other places but like I said before I am thankful for everyone who has helped out
and has gotten me where I need to go.
Well, There you have it. I still don't go on-line often as I have gotten out of the habit but I have read a ton of good books and have enjoyed that part of my healing process.
Love to all my friends & family. Jill