Before & After and feeling great! By: Jill Knapp

Sometimes when I look at pictures of me when I was heavy I don't even recognize that person. It feels great to have the weight off and be healthier and happier
with myself. One of the biggest influences in my life that told me I can make anything in my life happen was my wonderful Mother-in law who I adored. I know If she was still alive she would say"See I new you had it in you"
I am so grateful I had
her in my life and still to this day I hear her positive voice within.


Emily said...

You look amazing. Beautiful both ways and I love you the same.

Amy said...

I got your update!! Now those are some good before and after shots.
You look so good!
Congrats!! I know how hard you worked for it! I will always look up to you my friend.

Sue said...

Wow that is a great tansformation.
Good for you. Many will look up to you and you will be able to help others.

Beauty blog surfer
I saw your blog on bookieboo

Anonymous said...

You inspire me to try.
I love checking into your blog to see if you have written anyhting new.

I saw your blog along time ago on Delightful blogs!!
I rated yours a 10

Casey said...

I saw your blog on the mom's blogs.
It's really well done.
That is great that you have lost so much weight. It's a hard thing for most people to do. You look wonderful.

Renna said...

You look like you feel great!
You have done a great job with your weightloss. I saw your picture and blog on bookieboo and thought I would take a look at your blog page. Nicely done. I love your lay out and how it's on health and beauty.

Casandra said...

It must have taken some work to get that much weight off. You look so good. I saw your update on beauty blogs and was impressed to look and see for myself.
Keep up the good work.

Stacee said...

I found your blog on
bookie boo thanks for sharing your story. Looks like you have worked hard to get where you are. You look incredible.
I am hoping for some good results. I just started getting into the whole support thing over at bookieboo and am doing a boot camp at my gym.

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment on your delightful blogs page. That is great that you lost so much weight. You look really good and when I read that you were 40 my mouth dropped. You look like you are in your 20's.
Any way thanks for the motivation that it can be done.


Kristen mom of 3 said...

I really like your blog it has some really good information. I bought your 3 step skin logics and love it. Your before and after pictures are amazing and I feel ready to hop on board and get some of this baby weight off, I also have 3 kids and I feel so pulled in so many directions all the time I hardly have time for me. I feel If you did this with having 3 kids not to mention a broken leg that truly is amazing. Keep blogging.
I found your blog on beauty blog about 6 mo ago and visit often,

kassy said...

oh wow.. sure wasn't able to recognize you :) help! hehe


Anonymous said...

Good work. I saw you on bookieboo. I have read alot of your blogs and will come back.


Anonymous said...

You look so different. congrats!
Cindy (moms blog)

Anonymous said...

I saw your info on bookieboo. I can tell the pictures are both you by the eyes but what a awesome transformation. You look incredible for 40. I just took off 20 pounds and have 20 to go. If you did it with a broken leg well I know I have no excuse.

Amy said...

Saw you on moms blog. that is a great difference and you make me want to try harder to reach my goal.
Way to go even with a broken ankle.

kassy said...

a little of the last next 15 lbs .. seeing you, getting back at this post makes me believe that it's all possible! :)


Anonymous said...

greatful for blogs like this. I found yours on bookieboo.
Congraulations on your weight loss. what a difference in your apperance. I will visit again for inspiration.

Mom's blog reader said...

What a before and after. You look much younger on the right picture and you are actually older.
Good Work! You look Great!

Lacy said...

Another mom's blog reader.
great job on the weightloss. I am stuck for now but will keep working on it. :-)

Anonymous said...


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Maria said...

You have worked hard and it shows. I saw your blog on beauty blogs. I like your blog style and your writing.

Kristen said...

I visited your family blog. Nice Job.
I love your before and after pix.
Good work!!!!!

Amber said...

Thank you for your comment back to me. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I tried the water thing and it's helping.
You are full of wisdom and you have come so far with your health and weight. I will keep working to get my diabetes under control. I see my Dr. in 2 weeks and will let you know what he says.

Healthy heart reader.

Debbie Rollens said...

Hey you! Thanks for dropping by my skin care. Sorry I wasn't home to see you. You look wonderful. Im so happy for you.

Marilee said...

Jill, you look fabulous! I had no idea you had gained wieght. You are beautiful either way but look smokin' hot the way you are now! Congratulations on all your hard work! You are an inspiration to many people in so many ways!

The Knappy Crew said...

You are awesome Jill!!!!
I love you sis, keep up the good work. You are an inspiration.-Larin

Kristy said...

Ok! Wow! Amazing! Great Work! Incredible! Out standing! Hotty!
You are all of the above.
Way to go on your weight.
I know how good it feels once you get it off.


Kathy said...

You look fabulous darling!!!
He-He! You really do.
I am thinking of having a spa in Sept for my 30th B-day party.
Let me know if you are up to it. Theme would be girl’s night out!

Anonymous said...

you look great!

Kim (Mom's blog reader)

I read your blog and enjoy your wisdom.

Sandra "Healthy ones" said...

Thanks for teaching me how to get past the hard part. I followed what you posted at "Heathy ones"
I lost almost 20 pounds now.
You have come so far. I am greatful for people like you that help others who strugle like me!

Tamra said...

I saw your information on wellsphere. It's great information. I am looking to try a new way to get some extra pounds off and you look incredible.

Cloe Bannet said...

I found your blog on delightful blogs. I am so impressed with your weight loss. What a great story. Even down to your last 5 pounds gone and with a broken ankle. You should write a book how you did it.
Thanks for inspiring me.

Casey said...

I liked your post on wellsphere. Wonderful picture. Must have been very consistent in order to loose all the weight. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

You look great Jill!!! How are you? Your little family is so beautiful. I haven't talked to you in years.

Tina said...

WOW Jill! You look fabulous! I can't believe you lost so much weight with a cast on your leg! I gained maybe 5 pounds when K was hospitalized this year for 3 months and no matter how much I work out, I couldn't lose it! (I did cut out most simple carbs and that helped a little! But I miss my Rocky Road ice-cream!)

Tandra (Mom's Blog) said...

Tandra from Moms blog:
I saw your site on moms blog.
I saw your before and after pictures. your transformation is awesome you really do look different. It sounds like you are feeling great as well.
Your site has helped me stay motivated on on track.

I hope your ankle is healing and you are feeling better.
It's been a long road for you but what a success story you can tell.

Kim B said...

Thanks for getting you inspiring pictures up. I have not seen you since last Feb so I just have to say "WOW" Good job girl! You Rock. How did you loose so much weight with a broken leg??? I will have to read your book and see If I can take the time off work to break mine.

Anyway, Awesome Job my friend. You inspire me to want to change.
P.S Thanks for the Card. You are such a sweet friend.

Sarah said...

I saw your blog info on wellsphere.
What a time to loose weight. It's pretty amazing that you lost weight and did not gain with a broken ankle.
I am impressed.

Lindsey said...

I saw you featured on diet quest. Your story is very inspiring. I had to come take a peak at your blog page. You have allot of good stuff.
Thanks for your article it helped me re-focus.

Anonymous said...

I saw your blog on bookieboo. I like your style of blog.
Congratulations on your weight loss.
You have a good story to share with ohters

Tammy Curtis said...

Hey Jilly,
I haven't looked at your spa blog in along time. You look so good in the before and after pix.
Im so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!

Samatha said...

I got your information from Welsphere. Must be a great feeling to have all of that weight off.
You look really good.

Kim said...

You look the same as when I saw you last! GREAT!!! I know it's hard for us mom's not to let ourselves go taking care of everyone else and all. It's nice to see you share what you have learned in your weight loss journey with others. Good for you girl.

Ann (mom blog reader) said...

Mom's have it hard. I have 6 kids and totally lost myself through it all. I am so happy for you that you have dropped so much weight. You really do look wonderful.
I have a ways to go but am glad I am done having babies so I can focus on my weight loss goals.
Thanks for your inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Jill, I haven't seen you since December. I heard all about you poor ankle through Kelly. You look so great! How on earth were you able to loose so much weight with a BROKEN LEG????? Hat's off to you!

carla said...

The above Comment was from me Carla Thompson

Kaitlyn Berger said...

You look like the biggest Hotty!!!!
I am taking your advice on many things you did while loosing the weight.

Jan T said...

I read a ton of stuff on Wellsphere. You are a very talented bloger.
You look really good and must feel so good about the weight loss.

Blair Moms blog reader said...

I don't think I have ever seen such a wonderful transformation.

Way to go.
Love your Blog

Chrisry Lynn said...

Saw your blog on blogflux.
I sure hope I can get my weight off. you give me motivation.
You look awesome! Way to go!

Linda said...

I just read a article you wrote on Wellsphere on having diabetes. I also have type 2 and want to thank you for sharing your story. It helps me keep an eye on the ball and keep my goals. Congratulation's on your weight loss.

Patty said...

I was reading all of your post's on Wellsphere. You have really transformed yourself. I have kept looking at your picture for inspiration.
Thank you