Beauty Starts from within

Be Kind to Yourself

Be Kind to Yourself"Treating myself like a precious rose will only make me stronger
A huge part of loving and accepting myself has been learning how to treat myself kindly. Sadly, this form of kindness hasn't always come naturally to me. I harbor an inner task manager ,critic who drives me in a quest for perfection, to be always on the ball; to act as if I have it all together.This taskmaster goes crazy when I'm grumpy, emotional, tired,angry, or self critical. What do you do when you're feeling terible? Do you treat yourself kindly when you mess up? How do you treat yourself when you're not on your "best behavior?" Do you honor your body when it calls for rest, a break or a bath?
I spent years depressed and angry. A huge contributing factor to my unhappiness was Anger: towards myself. I treated myself with no compassion or tenderness: I was very harsh and hard on myself for mistakes I made. When I got into taking better care of myself I started changing my habits and made taking care of myself a priority. I found that I no longer had to feed this whole inside by buying a pair of shoes or buying somthing I wanted. I know down deep inside taking care of myself goes way beyond buying things for myself. Real self care is about being tender and compassionate with myself as I would with a small child.I think we all mistakenly think that growing up means becoming a stern, touch, taskmaster.
If I want to feel better than I need to treat myself better.If you yell at child it doesn't cause them to behave...at least, not for the right reasons, and not permanently. Discipline and punishment don't work in the long run, either. Those same tactics fail on ourselves. Yet think of how many times we as women engage in such behavior: squeezing into too small clothing, or not buying new clothes until we've lost weight. Think of eating too little, eating too much. Think of too much work, not enough rest, not enough play.We are all such tender creatures.
I like the saying "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."
Women's strength---our ability to tread through the slings and arrows of life, with our courage intact---is only surpassed by our fragility: our willingness to open our hearts wide, to love, and give love to those in need . Woman are born with a soft spot.When you're feeling ,lost, scared, angry, tired, worn out, instead of making things worse by punishing yourself or labeling your feelings as "bad," offer yourself the gift of kindness. With a quiet mind, ask yourself, "What do I most need right now?" When you get an answer find away to meet that
need and take care of you.