A proud mom of 3

Mason, Madison and Bryson


Jody Windsor/ Texas said...

You have really cute kids.
I look forward to coming back to your blog page to see what else you have on it. I did buy some instant manicure off of your web page. Good luck with your buisness

Anonymous said...

Your blog page got a 10 from me. I enjoy reading your blogs. Your kids are adorable.
You look like you have a good life. Enjoy.
saw your page on i love beauty blogs

Kaitlynn said...

Your blog is so cute. I saw it on Delightful Blogs. Dancing was my nitch for awhile when I was younger. really enjoyed your dancing and modeling pictures. Drew barrymore sounds like a fun award show.

Kaitlynn Kerby
Austin TX

Anonymous said...

Your kids are Beautiful. I enjoyed your blog. I found it on Beauty blogs. Loved your dancing pictures.


Anonymous said...

Jill, I love this Picture of your kids.

Tammy James