Medical Assistant

I went from Dancing to Medical Asst. First I worked for a foot Dr. for 2 yrs. Pretty funny that I went from a dancer to assting a Dr. working on feet. Than I worked for a wonderful Dr. Dr. Jerome Eder an OBGYN as his Medical Assistant. I loved that job and worked there for 6 yrs until I had Mason my first child. Dr. Eder passed away a few years ago. That was a rough time for me as he treated me with such kindness and was a wonderful Dr. The kind of Dr. who never rushes anyone just spends as much time as the patient needs. Woman came from far and wide to see him. I was actually set up with my husband by one of my pregnant patient who new his father.
It was the best job in my life as I worked with a wonderful man and met a wonderful man.


Anonymous said...

A medical Asst as well. You have had a busy life.
enjoyed your blog esp the tips for loosing weight.
Delightful blog surfer

Anonymous said...

Jill you have had so many jobs in your life. I remember when we worked at Pizza Hut Together. I love the pix of you dancing. Soooooooo cute and you were so pretty modeling. I also like the picture of you as a medical Ast. You had so much fun working at that DR office.
Well, Your blog is well done and I just want you to know how much you mean to me.

Anonymous said...

The more I read the better I get to know you. I remember you saying you were in the Medical field once upon a time. I enjoy coming to your blog.


Kristen said...

What a cure picture of you Jill Knapp.
I worked with you at Dr. Eder office all though only for about 6 mo.
I am not sure you will even remember me.

Kristen Wallen