Dancing and Modeling was my life for a long time.

This was in my spanish dancing outfitMy sis and I with our friend Kristy
This was taken for the local Newspaper prior to one of our big shows coming up. My Brother was making me laugh and we were having a little fun as we practiced well in to the night.
This was one of my most dear to me pictures. I felt so good when I did point dancing. It was fun and so fulfilling.
OK not my favorite Outfit but yes We were fish... Pretty funny.
I was a Sun bather dancer.
I was in a Alice in Wonderland dance. I loved this outfit and wore it for Halloween a few times.
This was taken a dance wear fashion.

This is a picture of me at a Irish dance competition.
Billy and I on stage preforming. Now those were the days. It was allot of fun. :-)
This was the only dance partner that I had besides my own Brother. Ken Krable. It was fun but I enjoyed having my Brother as my dance partner best.
This was taken at the Conejo valley days parade. Our float one first place that year. It was with my Spanish dance company.

This was taken at the Youth in Film Awards where I was a Trophy girl. Yes, The girl in the Picture is Drew Barrymore.

This was my dance Company in the 80's into the early 90's. The Alan DeWames Dancers. It was a great group of people to work with

This was at a modeling show at the Hilton Hotel. This was Karen the lady over the whole show.

Miss Teen Ventura


Anonymous said...

Great blog page

Kim Ashton said...

enjoyed your page..

Anonymous said...

I love BeautiControl.
I had a spa about a year ago and have been using product ever since.
Your page is nice. Nice article on water. I know I don't drink enough...

Anonymous said...

I love spa blogs. Your's has a added touch because you speak of health and metal health being good to yourself. I am tempted to try BeautiControl but my Sister works for Mary K.
Keep ut the good blog.

Sherri said...

Oh you look so cute in all of these pictures... All of those adorable dance outfit's I love it Jill.
Love you, Sherri

Anonymous said...

These are great pictures. I want to have another spa in feb.
It's my big 40th b-day
Pam V

The Knappy Crew said...

Okay I see Madison in every picture. Such cute pictures and I can't believe how much you two look alike. I love it. She better follow in mommys' ballet footprints. She is so flexible.

Anonymous said...

I saw your blog on Delightful blogs. VERY Cute pictures. I love your blog because I am a beauty junky but the pictures of you dancing and modeling are adorable. I will be back for another visit. Your look great for 4o I can only hope for that blessing in 10 yrs.


Emily said...

Really Cute Pictures Jill.
Your a great friend,

Anonymous said...

What a gift to your kids to have such great pictures of you dancing. I did e-mail you about becoming a spa lady. Looks like a fun job.

Karen Williams

Kris Miller said...

Enjoyed your pictures and your blog.

Anonymous said...

such cute pictures.
I was checking out your blog and have found it to be refreshing. Lot's to read and see. I saw it on mom blogs.

Kristn Wallen said...

Those are some great pictures.

Stacee said...

What great pix of when you were a dancer.
Very Cute.

Cindy said...

I came from your family blog to here. Love all your dancing pictures.

Angie said...

Those are a blast from the past. I love the picture of you as the fish costume. It's fun seeing you when you were small.