Beat the winter BLUES!!

Beat the winter BLUES with these easy ideas.
Even though it's winter, soak up some rays. Sunshine's known to be a major mood-booster. In fact, in some Northern European countries where the sun rarely shines during winter, people go for light therapy to fight depression. (But sun damage is even more depressing than sun deprivation--make sure you wear sunscreen.)
Keep blinds open during the day to let as much light in your home as possible.
I have had seasonal depression and if I don't get enough light I feel blue.
Treat your skin to something special
Give your skin some extra special care. When you pamper yourself, it shows. So commit to better daily skincare and give yourself at-home facial for skin-smoothing results. Go to my web page and check out the latest in at home Spa products.

It would be nice to treat yourself .
Color your mood happy.
When you're feeling down about what you see in the mirror, don't grab for that gray coat that matches your mood perfectly. Put on a bright color to kick you back into gear. For example, try red, the most energetic color in the spectrum.
Go for a free makeover.
Make your way to the makeup counter of your local department store and ask for some assistance trying new colors. If you always wear shades of plum, tell the sales associate to break out the peach tones for a completely new look.
You'll go home with a fab look on life.
You really can't help but feel a lift after a good laugh, and a smile is one of your best beauty accessories. Find your funniest friend or rent a comedy video and watch your spirits rise. I love the movie failure to launch and find when I am down if I pop that in I am in a much better mood even if I don't watch the whole movie.